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How we celebrated Children´s Day this year?

International Children's Day is a children's holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. International Children's Day is usually (but not everywhere) celebrating every year on June 1. Did you know that in Slovakia has been celebrated since 1952? The children got gummy candies from the school on the Children´s Day, on Tuesday, June 1. We, the Parents Association Board also wanted to surprise with something our kids on that special day. We ordered a tasty and attractive cupcake for each student, as in Primary, also in Academy which they received after the lunch. The money that we have collected during uniform sale partially covered the purchase of cupcakes for Children's Day. Primary students had bigger enthusiasm, as Academy, but everyone was very pleased with the small sweets. :-)  

We are glad we made their day happier! 

Your EISB PA Board

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