These skills can save your life

Various surprises often happen in our life: good and not so good. Among the latter, various types of injuries and wounds can be noted. The ability to quickly and effectively provide first aid is very useful and can help save health and even life.
In biology lessons in the 11th grade, we not only study this topic theoretically, but also do a lot of practical exercises, improving first aid skills.


Students enthusiastically learn various techniques for applying bandages for skull injuries, fractures of the collarbones, ribs, arm and leg bones, dislocated joints and sprains. What the students enjoyed most was applying bandages to injured parts of the head and a broken collarbone. Their work can be called a masterpiece, so carefully, professionally and quickly they provided the first aid.

Sofia, Maria, Aayushi, Alisa, Abigel, Alexandra, Marek, Jozef worked excellently with “traumatized” skulls. David, Lekai masterfully fixed broken collarbones.
Natalie, Kristina and Claudia skillfully worked with the “broken” bones of the arms and legs, using available materials.
Some students found these hands-on activities so interesting that they used their parents as patients at home, and mothers were pleasantly surprised by their children’s ability to effectively and quickly fix damaged body parts. Mrs. Mirka said: “It was so good!”

During the Open House next week, all Year 11 students will conduct workshops teaching first aid to everyone who wants. Welcome to join us!






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