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Easter Celebrations in Slovakia

In Slovakia, Easter is a time of joy and renewal, celebrated with colorful customs that reflect the arrival of spring. The children in the environmental club played a special role, in bringing creativity and nature together in unique ways. Watching an educational video, we learned about Easter customs in Slovakia as well as in other countries. You can ask your children in which country the egg tradition started, or in which country people throw vases out of their balconies. Why doesn’t the Easter Bunny come to Australia,  what is the world’s most favorite jelly bean flavor, and many other interesting facts.

One beloved activity was decorating Easter eggs, known as kraslice. Children gathered to paint and decorate eggs with vibrant colors and intricate designs, symbolizing new life and growth. Each child also built a spring tree. Once the spring tree was ready, the children placed or hung their decorated eggs from its branches, creating a beautiful display of art and nature. It was a moment of shared joy and community celebration.

For these young participants, these traditions instill a deep appreciation for their cultural heritage and the beauty of the natural world. As they gather to celebrate Easter, they embrace the spirit of renewal and hope that defines this special time of year in Slovakia.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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