Spring is in the air

What is your favourite thing about Spring? Mine is a fact that everything is waking up after a quite slow break called Winter. Of course, also Winter has its charm and magic called Christmas, but overall it’s a season when everything is slower, everything is sleeping – animals, plants, perhaps people too? Let’s be honest- who is not more lazy and less active in Winter than in other seasons? 

That’s why I like everything about Spring. With a first Sun rays my mood is raising up, my eyes fully open and I’m starting to plan what everything needs to be done. That’s how I’ve got an idea about planting seeds with preschoolers. I was choosing seeds wisely because I know how kids can be impatient sometimes. So the crest was clear choice. It is a green herb which everybody knows as a “žerucha” in Slovak. Raise your hand if you’ve planted this herb as a child with your parents or teachers at school. Yes, I did as well, every school year and I was always excited to see how quickly it grows in a magic green thing. And so were the preschoolers. 

It was fun and nice to see kids taking care of their own little “cup garden” every day and waiting to see how it was changing.  They couldn’t wait to take it home and eat it with a buttered bread. At the meantime we were talking about Spring and plants in general, how the nature is changing, how the certain parts of flowers are called ,how to take care of them, what do they need to be planted and grow. Very interesting was also an experiment with a paper flower and water. I think that not only the kids enjoyed this topic but me too, because as I said- Spring is my favourite season.

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