Tips and tricks to achieve CAS: Activity, by Yutong

Tips and tricks to achieve CAS: Activity, by Yutong

Hi! I am Yutong and am currently a DP2 student from English International School of Bratislava. 

I completed my first Half-Marathon in April 2023 at the age of seventeen, it took me 2:23:34 to finish 21 kilometers. As a fun fact, I had barely run more than 3 kilometers before I started to train for this race. But still managed to complete it and I felt super proud of myself for continuing this as I am doing another Half-Marathon in the year of 2024. 

I am sure that I could give several tips to train for Half-Marathons as I feel so passionate, and as a busy IB student. 🙂

Special thanks to my teacher Mr.Ollie because he planned the training for the race first back in October 2022. We usually ran around the school area two times a week and at least two times at home as a little extra training to prepare ourselves. Overall, a five-month plan has been made by him that is more than enough for us to be ready before the race. So far, I think the most important thing is planning since it really gives you the persistence for a hard race like this. In addition, if you want to add some fun to the trainings, ask some friends to run with you! I am sure you will create some nice memories, I still remember all the interesting topics we’ve talked about while running. 

In the first two months, I didn’t try too hard because I was really new to it. I tend to train with my teammates, and just have one extra run over the weekends. However, the extra run was much longer since I had enough time. I really recommend to move slowly, but persistently with the training if you don’t feel confident, so you aren’t stressing over it. I mean I only did 38 kilometers in November which was very little. Flexibility is also important, I kept changing my own plans from intensive to chill, from chill to intensive, all depending on my studying schedule, which actually helped me with both training and school. 

As December comes, the temperature dramatically drops, I ran even less but I didn’t worry, because you will surely have this hard period of training in March. 😉 But, I started controlling my food intake, I had a quite intensive diet, where I would eat much more healthy proteins to build my muscles. I also went to gym very often in order to focus on my movements of muscles while running. I really recommend to at least going once a week so you will have a better running posture and won’t hurt yourself.

Buying some cute running clothes was such a motivation for me.

I still prioritized my studies, when I have an exam or too much homework, I would definitely not include the extra run. In the end, you are still just a student, not an athlete. 

I only started putting attention on my training in February because I had some more time. I ran 76 kilometers in the whole of February. However, at this time I have never reached 10 kilometers, I generally felt impossible to run 10K at once, so I didn’t push myself too much. 

My biggest tip would be to go with your body’s capacity, because my training in March has left me with some injuries that took two months to heal. Do not ever repeat my mistake!!!

March is where everything gets exciting, I had my first 10K run on the first day of March, I was extremely proud of myself, and remember to give yourself some awards with every little goals! I also felt a great improvement for my lungs, my lung capacity was much better and I ran faster, longer. Overall, I ran almost 100 kilometers in March!

April is the time of the Half-Marathon!!!

Our race was on the second day of April, definitely invite some friends to cheer you up. I felt incredibly enthusiastic when I saw people cheering us up, and I went much faster. 

I also saw people carrying water as a backpack, or eating magnesium at each station, but I think if you don’t have any certain goals in timing, it is unnecessary. The most important thing that I want to remind you about is hair, especially with girls with long hair. Do tie/ braid your hair nicely, otherwise you will feel something dragging your head all the time and you can’t always stop to fix your hair. (Oops)

Good luck, and I hope y’all enjoy the process of running as much as I did!

My whole body hurted a lot after the Half-Marathon and my ankles made this funny cracking sound when I walked, but it was all worth it since it disappeared on the third day. Therefore, take some calcium before and after the run!!! Don’t hurt yourself and do your best.

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