Primary Boat Trips

In summer months our kids (and teachers too) love to go on a boat trip. Last June we again organized the boat trip to Devin through the company. Year 3 up to Year 6 Primary students can join this adventure on the river Danube. We get on a boat from Osobny Pristav (Personal Port) at Fajnorovo nabrezie. The cruise to Devin is up stream. It is 12kms far away and it takes 120 minutes on the way from Bratislava to Devin, but on the way back it is only 30 minutes! Two years in a row we were lucky with great weather, usually we go in the afternoon and kids are picked up straight from the port when we get back. It is very relaxing and kids usually play games on the boat or just chat and breathe in the river breeze. What a great time to spend the last warm days of school year, outside of the classroom walls!


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