Students Achieving Academic Distinction

Students at American Academy have worked hard and achieved academic distinction. The honor roll in the American high school curriculum is a recognition bestowed upon students who have achieved a specified level of academic excellence. Students are placed on the honor roll based on their grades achieved in all their classes within a semester. Being on the honor roll is considered a commendable achievement and often comes with acknowledgment or awards to celebrate the students’ dedication and success in their studies.

Included on the honor roll are students who have achieved a certain level of academic success, often a combination of As and Bs in their courses. On the other hand, the high honor roll is a more exclusive recognition reserved for students who have earned straight As in all of their classes. Both designations acknowledge academic achievement, but the high honor roll specifically highlights a consistently outstanding performance with all grades at the highest level.

Below I would like to recognize and once again congratulate the following students for their academic achievement. Through their hard work and dedication to their studies, they have earned the following recognition.

Honor Roll

The following students have achieved all A’s and B’s on their first-semester report.

Grade 12

  • Adam Ferianc
  • Liliana Galiková
  • Andrea Risko
  • Natália Bezáková
  • Alexej Vajgel
  • Filip Kováčik

Grade 11

  • Noel Pnacek
  • Morteza Poor Saffar Foumani
  • Xinnuo Pan
  • Nad’a Lančaričova

Grade 10

  • Sofia Gumanova
  • Claudia Calia
  • Terezia Chadminova

Grade 9

  • Adrina Dezhangah

Grade 8

  • Ivan Niko Petkov
  • Anna Jurčáková

Grade 7

  • Kamila Maria Krnáč

High Honor Roll

The following students have achieved all As on their first-semester report.

Grade 12

  • Laura Benčíková
  • Sandra Šúkalová
  • Nina Pnacek

Grade 11

  • Aria Khazaee

Grade 10

  • Sviatoslav Beliaev

So, once again congratulations to all of these students. Attaining academic distinction on either the Honor Roll, with a combination of As and Bs, or the High Honor Roll, with all As, is a testament to the diligent effort and commitment these students have devoted to their studies.

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