Hello, my name is Ms Agnes. What’s your name?

We have started this academic year and some of us could anticipate lots of changes in their lives. I am one of them; a new addition to EISB as a specialist teacher, teaching the subjects of Performing Arts, Media/Film Studies and English as an Additional Language. EAL is a fantastic opportunity for students whose first language is different from English and who need more support with their English learning. After assessing and identifying each child’s strengths and areas of development, classes are created with a very low number of students, so they can really receive differentiated help on an individual basis according to their speaking, listening, writing and comprehension level. As a professionally trained actress, I aim to create a lot of fun elements of teaching in my classes; mimic, gestures and versatile non-verbal communication are fundamental parts of the lessons. This way students can forget about their occasional shyness, they have the opportunity to overcome their anxieties and in a relaxed, playful atmosphere they learn faster and obtain more stable and deeper knowledge of the language.

We started from the basics: ‘How would you introduce yourself? Tell me about your country!’ and already had some amazing presentations from students and some interesting facts about their countries.

Kristina put this beautiful tableau together about a Slovakian cathedral.

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