EISB’s Ahmed a World Science Finalist to Compete in New York in June

We are thrilled to announce that EISB Ema Ahmed, a talented

student in our science program, was not only crowned a national champion in Biology, but recently invited as 1 of 300 top candidates from around the world to compete at the Genius Olympiad in New York this summer


The Genius Olympiad is a global competition that brings together top high school students with a passion for environmental solutions. This prestigious event offers Ema a valuable chance to:

  • Network with Global Peers: Connect with fellow champions dedicated to environmental well-being, fostering collaboration and sparking innovative ideas.
  • Gain Expert Insights: Learn from leading professionals in the field of environmental science, gaining exposure to cutting-edge research and thought leadership.
  • Sharpen Problem-Solving Skills: The Olympiad’s format will further refine Ema’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, equipping them to tackle environmental challenges effectively.

Ema’s dedication and passion for biology have been key factors

 in their success. However, she’s not the only Science superstar at EISB.  Later this spring, 2 EISB science students will compete in the National Finals: Alexandra Buresova and Katarina Florekova.

Therefore, we also recognize the significant role played by the dedicated science team at EISB. Through their expertise and support, they fostered a stimulating learning environment. The science team provided insightful guidance, access to advanced resources, and opportunities for these excellent students to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills.

The entire EISB community is incredibly proud of Ema’s, as well as Alexandra’s and Katarina’s accomplishments. Participation in the Olympiad, especially the Genius Olympiad signifies immense potential, and we have no doubt that they will continue to excel in their academic journey. We stand united in supporting them as they compete on national and global stages!

Who will be next to carry on EISB’s tradition??

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