How does Intensive English Program in EISB Help Children with Reading Difficulties?

Intensive English programs really help kids who have trouble reading. They do this by giving kids special attention and using fun ways to teach them how to read better. These programs have smaller classes or sometimes even one-on-one teaching, so the teachers can spend more time helping each kid learn.

Teachers in IEPs use cool tricks and games to make learning fun. They check how well kids are doing regularly and change how they teach if a kid needs something different. Kids in these programs feel safe to ask questions and make mistakes, which helps them feel better about learning.

Teachers also talk to parents to help them support their kids at home. This makes sure kids keep learning, whether they’re at school or home. IEPs focus on teaching the most important reading skills, like sounding out words and understanding what they mean. By getting better at these skills, kids become better readers overall.

Sometimes, IEPs use cool tools on computers or tablets to help kids learn even better. Overall, these programs make sure kids who struggle with reading get the help they need to become great readers and do better in school.

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