Multiple New Year’s Celebrations at EISB

Students at EISB will celebrate multiple New Year’s Celebrations in multiple ways as a part of the school Culture Weeks program.

Culture Weeks is a year long program allowing EISB students and families representing the plethora of various cultures that make up the school, the opportunity to share their culture with the community through a chosen week in the year.

Along with the European New Year on 1 Jan, EISB students this year will celebrate:

Old New Year during Russian Week 13-17 January

Lunar New Year during Chinese Week 20-24 January

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 year of the rat paper cut style.

Nowruz during our Persian/Iranian Week 20-24 March

Of course there are many more cultural celebrations to experience throughout the year.

Those wishing to celebrate with us may join. More information on these and many more EISB events is available on our calendar pages.

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