Wellbeing of teachers: Goose Feast

The wellbeing of teachers is a crucial aspect of the education system and has a DIRECT impact on the overall quality of education. Sometime ago I started helping to organize social events for teachers as I believe this significantly contributes to our happiness and overall performance at work. In this blog I will mention three ways in which social events can enhance the wellbeing of teachers:

#1 Social events provide opportunities for teachers to connect with each other on a personal level. Building a strong sense of community among staff members can create a supportive network, reducing feelings of isolation and enhancing job satisfaction. Mainly at international schools where many of our colleagues are foreigners, far from their home country, their families and other friends, it is important to build a strong sense of community.

#2 Teaching can be a demanding profession, social events offer a chance to unwind and relax. Whether it is a casual gathering, a themed party, or team-building activities, these events can be a stress relief.

#3 Social events also provide an informal setting for open communication. We may feel more comfortable sharing ideas, concerns, and experiences outside the formal work setting which leads to better understanding and collaboration.

In October I helped to organize a Goose feast dinner for the teachers in a nice restaurant by the river Danube called Leberfinger ( Roast goose has a long tradition in Slovak culture as a festive dish, it is often seen as an alternative or complement to roast turkey. It is not easy to cook a goose, it is different from other poultry, so not every restaurant offers a cooked goose to perfection. Goose meat is known for its rich and flavorful taste. The skin can become crispy when properly cooked. It is often served with various side dishes such as stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, and sauces to enhance the overall dining experience. We, Slovaks, love lokša (pron: loksha) as a side dish to go with a goose. It can be described as a potato pancake.


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