Extra English

Written by Sofia y4 as a part of the blog writing club.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday we have Extra English in English International School of Bratislava. Ms.Suvi is the teacher of this lesson. We have four students in this lesson. I wan’t to tell more about Extra English because the lesson is fun for me.

We’re doing Mr.Whoops worksheets. He always does spelling mistakes. We need to correct his spelling mistakes.We also need to write sentences by describing a picture and to answer questions by reading a story first to answer your question to retrieve information. We’re doing SPAG mats it means spelling grammar and punctuation.

We are playing guessing game. We need to guess a letter from abc… if you know the word you it and that game is called Hang man. And sometimes we do reading eggs, reading eggs you do it with a tablet. You press the login sighn and the teacher will tell you the login and password. And then you press reading eggs and you play some word games. We also play matching game, we match some word to make a sentence you match who,what,why and when. And remember to login to your reading eggs or you won’t login.

Thank you for your time!

I hope you will read my next blog because the next one will be Slovak foreigners who doesn’t know Slovak.

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