This is me!!

Ireland – this summer.

Hi, my name is Ray Foley and I am the new PE teacher at EISB. I am from a small little place in the Northwest of Ireland called Leitrim. I love my home but it rains a bit too much for me.

This is where I am from in Ireland.

I have lived in countries all over the world and I love to travel. Some of the countries I have been to are as follows; Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Singapore, USA and UAE. I have studied in Ireland and also in Finland.

As a PE teacher I love all sport, however I have a particular affinity towards Ireland’s own national sport of Gaelic football. If I were to describe Gaelic football to someone who has never seen it, I would describe it as a mix between Soccer, Basketball and Rugby. You can see what it looks like here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEAbWrdB9XU

This is an image of two players playing the national sport of Ireland, Gaelic Football.

I am really excited to teach PE at EISB this year. I have experience of teaching both primary and secondary level in two different countries. I have taught in Ireland for a year and most recently in Kuwait for 2 years. I will use my experience of teaching in these different settings to enhance my lessons here in EISB. I have high expectations of the students taking part in my lessons. I continually want every student to try his/her best in each lesson. To me, PE should be a good way for students to improve their physical and mental health.

In the future I would like to do a masters in sports psychology, as this is an area that really interests me.

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