TOK Exhibition

During the first year of their DP, IB students prepare a big project known as “TOK Exhibition”. Theory of Knowledge is a required course for the Diploma Programme, its main aim is to explore “how” we know what we know after trying to define what knowledge is at all (IBO).

This year we also included several American Academy students in the exhibition held together with an Art Expo at school on the 26th of May. For this project, students had to answer one of the 35 prescribed prompts and explain how TOK is manifested around us. To do this, they had to choose 3 different objects that would connect to the question they chose. For example, a popular question to answer was: What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge? Some students decided to answer it with their guitar, a picture of their neighbourhood, or a specific book they’ve read. Other questions explored were:

Are some things unknowable?

What counts as knowledge?

What is the relationship between knowledge and culture?

How important are material tools in the production or acquisition of knowledge?

How is current knowledge shaped by its historical development?

The students prepared boards with images of their chosen objects and the answers to their prompts. It was a great opportunity to showcase their work and have conversations with those interested in knowing more about what they’ve learned this year.

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