Reading helps a child grow his vocabulary, gain a wealth of knowledge and build a sense of independence.  It also is a good way to develop self-confidence, imagination, logic, and problem-solving skills.

However, it can be quite challenging for parents to encourage children to read books nowadays.  With the many forms of online entertainment, how can you motivate your child to get a good book and turn a page?

Read to your child

Reading to your child is a time-tested way to build his language and cognitive development. It is also a way to foster your relationship with your child. You can read him his favorite bedtime story, or set up a reading place at your house. This way, your kid will have a pleasant experience towards reading that he will hold on to as he grows up.

Surround your child with reading materials

To encourage your child to read, surround him with a large collection of reading materials. Give your child access to a large array of interesting books and other reading materials that are suitable for his age. Arrange the books in a low and open shelf where books are easily accessible.  Let him feel excited about reading by giving books as gifts.

Let the child choose what to read

Letting children have the freedom to choose their reading materials, instead of handing them a book that you like, make them more engaged and excited. Besides, who wants to look at something that they don’t like? If your child is fond of dinosaurs, give him reading materials about dinosaurs.  If your child is interested in arts and crafts, let him read instructional materials for arts and crafts.  The trick is to let your child know that there are so many interesting things in a book.

Ask your child about what he is reading

To enhance your child’s comprehension skills, ask him about his favorite part or character in the story. Talk about the events that happened in the story. Be mindful of your child’s answers, and be ready to answer a lot of questions.  Give genuine praise for your child’s reading progress.

 Be an example to your child

Children love to imitate, so be your child’s role model and show him that reading is certainly a fun activity.  When you’re reading a magazine, newspaper or even a cookbook, show your child what got you interested in the book.  You can also share your favorite book or story when you were still a kid.

The children feel happy and proud when they can read.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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