EISB’s Student, Kuska, Predicting Collapse

By now most of the world is aware of the Credit Suisse Bank collapse a couple weeks ago. Most of the world also appears shocked that the storied Swiss Bank, known to be among the country’s  conservative, stable, reliable safe havens, had fallen to the likes of SVB.

EISB’s Diploma student Andrej Kuska,  was not. In fact he predicted the fall before it happened.

As a part of his diploma program, EISB students are required to complete an extended essay on a topic of their choice.  Andrej’s fascination with finance drew him to the market and began his research early last fall.   Even though his paper was published a week before the announced collapse, he was aware of this possibility months earlier.

When asked how he knew, he responded with a shrug, “Anyone who was paying attention should have known.” 

Judging from the world’s response, it seems they didn’t.

Andrej will give a formal presentation of his paper on Friday morning, 31 March at EISB.  Feel free to join, ask questions and hear more from this budding financier. For more information contact the school office.

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