Navigating the Landscape of Self and Society: A Deeper Dive into Maslow’s Pyramid

MYP4 Individuals and Societies students had the chance to get immersed in a thought-provoking expedition. At the heart of their academic exploration lies the comprehensive study of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. Through rigorous research, students meticulously uncovered the layers that define human motivations, ranging from basic necessities to the pursuit of self-actualization.

Simultaneously, the focus extended to the intricate question of why humans inherently seek social groups. This dual inquiry not only broadens their intellectual horizons but also acts as a reflective mirror, offering insights into the intricate dynamics of human connections. Beyond the academic pursuit, this journey serves a higher purpose — empowering students to apply their understanding of social dynamics for personal growth. By delving into Maslow’s theory and scrutinizing the complexities of social group formation, MYP4 students embark on a profound voyage, enhancing their self-awareness and fostering a nuanced comprehension of their roles within the intricate fabric of society.

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