Mystery Teacher of the Week

For this week, we have 2 teachers in the Mystery Round. Clues will be updated daily.

If you are at home and would like to vote, please send an email to your class teacher or to Mr. Jayme directly.

Mystery Teachers will be revealed at Assembly on Friday.

Mystery Teacher #1:

Clue 1: I am scared of heights but I also love climbing mountains

Clue 2: I am scared of being in planes, but I also love flying places

Clue 3: I am scared of competitions, but I also love the thrill of a race

Clue 4:  I am scared of speaking in public, but I also love to be heard

Mystery Teacher #2

Clue 1: I adore road trips

Club 2: I enjoy playing beach sports

Clue 3: I love swimming

Clue 4:   I love cooking

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