E-Portfolio: Family Dynamics, MYP3’s Linguistic and Tech Fusion

In a recent academic project, MYP3 students inquired into the complexities of Spanish vocabulary and grammar associated with family members. The dual objective of researching relevant terms and crafting descriptive narratives about family members aimed to deepen the students’ understanding of linguistic nuances. However, the innovative twist to this linguistic journey unfolded as students seamlessly integrated technology into their creative process.

Mixing language acquisition with technological innovation, students harnessed the power of CANVA’s A.I. to generate visually appealing images corresponding to their family descriptions. This union of language and tech not only showcased the students’ Spanish proficiency and creativity but also explored the potential of A.I. in enriching language learning experiences.

The culminating achievement lies not just in language mastery but in the adept utilization of technology, allowing students to showcase their work in both E-Portfolios and the A.I. image generator. MYP3 students, demonstrating their multifaceted prowess, prove that the fusion of language and technology is not only educational but also creatively empowering.

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