Who are Róde and Lada?

When we speak about mythology we often think about gods like Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and others.

But what do we know about Slovak mythology?

Zuzana Kuglerová is a well known Slovak author who is bringing this topic to the public.

Today, she talked to our students about how stories like that can be found. She opened a door into her creative moments and described how stories are created under her magic pen.

She has written over 50 books. We could see her passion about Slovak mythology and how much she wishes to bring those long forgotten stories back to life.

So who are Róde and Lada? Thanks to Katarína Floreková from Year 7, who won 2nd place in the district reciting competition Šaliansky Maťko, we could hear the story from Slovak mythology about how the Earth was created. The full story can be found in the author’s latest book, Veľká kniha Staroslovanských povestí o bohoch, polobohoch a ľuďoch.

At the end, she signed two of her books, which we are lucky to have in our library thanks to project Čítame radi 2.

It was a big honor for us.

Thank you.

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