Short Film Production: Camera Shots & Angles

Our MYP4 students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of visual storytelling through our project on Camera Shots and Angles. Students experienced a tapestry of cinematic brilliance, employing a diverse range of camera shots and angles.

From the grandeur of establishing shots to the intimacy of close-ups and the intrigue of Dutch angles to the perspective-shifting high angles, students will master the art of cinematography.

Objective and Essence

This project serves as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and the practical finesse required in the world of visual storytelling. MYP4 students will not only showcase their technical skills but will also unveil their unique perspectives on how camera techniques breathe life into narratives. The outcome promises to be a gallery of short videos, each a testament to the creative depth and insightful application of camera shots and angles by the talented students of MYP4 in the captivating domain of media and journalism.

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