Unveiling Linear Communication in Journalism: A News Report Analysis

In the dynamic realm of Media and Journalism, MYP4 students embarked on a journey to unravel the intricacies of linear communication. Focused on the chosen example of a news report, they explore how information seamlessly flows from introduction to conclusion, creating a coherent and linear narrative structure.

The class presentation aims to showcase their insightful analyses, offering a concise understanding of how this linear thread weaves through journalism, enhancing both comprehension and presentation skills within the vibrant field of media. Stay tuned for a captivating exploration into the art of storytelling within our MYP4 classroom.

-Marketing team creating promotional material for an upcoming -product and emailing the material to customers

-Podcast hosts talking to their audience

-Candidate writing and sending a thank-you letter to a human -resources manager after an interview

-Author publishing a book and an audience reading it

-Writer creating a blog post discussing a product they purchased -recently and telling readers where to find the product

-Reporter on television discussing a recent accident

-Influencers posting a video showing their audience how to apply -the makeup they just purchased

-Motivational speaker talking to an audience at a self-help event

-Radio host broadcasting their show to a live audience

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