Triangles – learning through discovery

Learning about triangles can be lots of fun and can promote social and personal competencies such as the ones described in the table below:

Table used to assess social competencies during a lesson about triangles.

Students were taught the names of the three different triangles and a quick explanation was given about how triangles were categorized under such names. Then, working in groups, students were given cut-outs of different types of triangles which they had to categorize under the correct name. The method for categorization was left to them to decide. They started off categorizing just by looking at the triangles. However, they could not agree about some of the triangles. As a group they looked for a solution to this problem and decided that it would be best to use a ruler in order to make more precise determination of the length of sides. They could then complete the assignment.

Of course, as all good meals end in dessert, fun was had by making a group design using all of the triangles. The group worked together to create the design and give it a name. I give to you the “Pompom Cat”!!

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