SportBookOfTheMonth – The Boy Who Biked the World


Title: The Boy Who Biked the World

Author: Alastair Humphreys

Pages: 128

Reading age: 9-11 years old

Description: Tom dreams of being an adventurer. Everyone tells him he’s crazy, so he decides to prove them wrong by going around the world on his bike! The first book of Tom’s adventures follows him across Europe and from the top to the bottom of Africa. In volume two, Tom heads north from the tip of South America and makes his way through the Americas. With a long `uphill’ struggle facing him, Tom has the massive Andes and raging Amazon to contend with in South America, deserts and grizzly bears in North America, and a colourful array of characters all along the way. With engaging illustrations, maps, and handwritten journal entries throughout, this book provides an immersive experience for any young adventurer.


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