With a little help from my friends…

In my previous blog post titled “Learning Through Mistakes” I promised the completed projects in the next blog. They are finally ready to be showcased. Why the title “With a Little Help from my Friends” then, you might ask? Well, as you would probably have guessed, the title of my blogs is not only a reflection of what students go through in their lesson, but also what I as their guide/teacher go through in those same lessons, usually at the same time! Yes, last time I also learned from my mistakes! And this time, while showcasing the Year 3 stop-motions (links below) showing the life cycle of an insect that they chose to study, I would like to say a thank you to the following friends, who knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly provided their help.

Miss Yasmin and year 2: thank you for providing the idea of miniature background sets from your previous project on the city (and for all your plasticine!)

Miss Suvi and year 4: thank you for providing the idea of bringing in a student’s own choice of technology to add variety and to make a project more personal.

Mr. Ollie and year 5: thank you for providing the idea of a self-check coupled with a teacher check in one of your previous blogs. This method really helped the Year 3 students (and me) stay organized and stay on track with their own projects.

Mr. Jayme and year 6: thank you students for providing a great example to our younger generations and Mr. Jayme, thank you for allowing us teachers to guide our students in their learning in a way that interests them!

Miss Beata: Thank you for your kindness and patience.

For the following stop-motion videos, students first studied insects in nature, noting their habitat. After researching, reading and writing about the the life-cycle and body parts of the insect of their choice, their created their habitat and the different parts of their life-cycle and presented them in a stop-motion video, all the while following step-by-step guidelines of project requirenments. In order to better communicate this information to their audience, some added music and titles. Sit back and enjoy!

Janko and Amir: The Life-Cycle of a Spider

Robert and Branko: the Life-Cycle of an Ant

Olivia and Veronica: the Life-Cycle of a Bee

Arnika: the Life-Cycle of a Butterfly

Sofia and Greta: the Life-Cycle of a Ladybug

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