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Empowering Generosity: Uniting PYP Grade Levels in a Charitable Open House

In an inspiring showcase of collaborative spirit and charitable commitment, the recent open house at EISB brought together various Primary Years Programme (PYP) grade levels in support of four charities. Among the standout displays, Year 4’s presentation was a testament to innovation and healthy living. Their interactive demonstration offered attendees the chance to build their own nutritious snacks, fostering a hands-on understanding of healthy eating habits. The setup was engaging and interactive, allowing participants to create their own snack plates, packed with wholesome ingredients and guided by the students. Accompanying these activities were before-and-after posters showcasing the transformation of snack choices, alongside thoughtful reflections by the students on their efforts to incorporate healthier snack options into their routines at home. This interactive element not only educated visitors on the importance of healthy eating but also encouraged practical application outside the school environment.

The students’ reflections on their own efforts to implement these changes at home added a personal touch, inspiring guests to consider their own habits and choices. The project didn’t just end with the event; it sparked ongoing conversations about healthy snacking and empowered the broader community to make more mindful choices in their daily lives.

Year 4’s project was a testament to their commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles and engaging the community in tangible, positive change. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our wonderful guest speaker, Ms. Kuzelova, an expert in healthy eating, who played a pivotal role in making Year 4’s project a resounding success. Ms. Kuzelova’s insightful presentation not only enlightened the students but also ignited their enthusiasm for nutritious eating. Her vibrant showcase of colorful fruits and vegetables was an absolute hit, and it was heartwarming to see our young learners excitedly trying these healthy options. Ms. Kuzelova’s passion and expertise were truly infectious, leaving an indelible mark on both the students and the event as a whole. We extend our deepest gratitude for her invaluable role in this memorable open house event.

Here is a quick video guiding you to a healthier snack:

Furthermore, the learning experience for Year 4 extended beyond the classroom as the students embarked on an eye-opening field trip to the “Body Works” exhibit. This excursion allowed them to witness the intricate interconnectedness of the human body systems in a captivating and tangible way. Exploring the exhibit, they gained a deeper understanding of how the different systems work in harmony to maintain health. The trip emphasized the crucial role of healthy eating in supporting these systems, underlining the importance of the choices we make in nurturing our bodies. It was a perfect complement to their project, reinforcing the significance of their efforts to promote nutritious living, and inspiring them to continue making informed choices for a healthier future.

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