Good debating skills

In the Theory of Knowledge and International Relations classes, students conduct debates. I am the moderator and give the students, subdvided into two subgroups, a chance to offer their insights and opinions. Another method of conducting debates is to organize the debate as a Model United Nations club. In this method, the participating students conduct a debate about a contemporary topic. Each student is given or choose a country and present the opinion of the concerned country in the debate. I am again acting as a moderator and the debate is conducted with formal rules and regulantions like in the real United Nations. At the end of the debated a resolution is drafted and the voting of the students present will determine whether the resolution is accepted or rejected. It is important that emotions are not used in these two methods of debates. Good preparation and research on the topic of the debate are important things to do before the actual debate is conducted. In this way, the students will learn how to apply good debating skills.

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