Hungarian Culture Week – the longest cultural week yet!

The week of 8 March 2020 started as any other typical week at EISB.  Uniformed students went to school, classes started, and the reception hall was filled with cultural symbols of Slovakia’s southern neighbor, Hungary.  

Within a few hours it was announced that the doors would close for the foreseeable future due to the Corona virus, leaving classrooms unkempt, desks uncleared and  works from the most famous painter from Rye Island (Žitný ostrov), ROBERT ALMÁSI left hanging on the canteen walls.

Come just short of 3 months later, the doors would open, classes would begin, the Hungarian week continued allowing the paintings would once again to be admired by passers-by.

The Hungarian experience continued with students trying the traditional whip from Pustza. Vadim Zakharov winning the collage competition and awarded prizes from the Hungarian Institute. And on the National Day of Unity in Hungary, Viktor Izák recited Hungarian poetry from József Attila and Weöres Sándor followed by an offering of tasty Hungarian sweets.

A “kivételes” way to return to our “new normal.”  And we await the return of Hungarian week for the next year.   

But not without a summer challenge….any of those who visit this “Land of Waters,” keep your photos to submit in a lotto at next year’s Hungarian Culture Week to receive a special “Hungarian Surprise!” 

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