MYP3 stayed overnight at school

Last Friday Year 9 and Grade 8 students had a sleepover event at the school. The evening was full of fun activities, laughs and tours around the school and I think EVERYONE had a great time.

Evening started with an assembly to agree on the rules and timetable for the evening and proceeded with first games as a warm up…

Teachers also prepared more competitive activities where their skills of teamwork and communication were tested.

One of the most exciting parts of the night was the opportunity to explore areas of the school that were typically off-limits for students during regular school hours, including teachers chill room and balcony.

The latter provided a breathtaking view of the school grounds and the night sky where students had a photo session.

As dusk settled, the thrilling highlight of the evening commenced: hide and seek in the dark around the school with only flashlights to guide them.

After all that excitement we had a fresh air break outside and no sleepover would be complete without a spine-chilling movie experience before going to bed. Maybe that’s why not all of the students had a pleasant night 😀

I hope this event brought students closer to each other, created a sense of belonging and a shared memory to take with them for next year.

Big Thank You for Ms Jana, Ms Geovanna and Mr Jesus who helped me to organize and supervise.

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