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Mikulas Magical Visit: A Day of Delight in the Early Years Classroom

As the kids settled into their routine, little did they know that a sprinkle of magic was about to grace our classroom. In walked Mikulas, adorned in his iconic red suit and accompanied by angels with glittering halos and a friendly devil. The room buzzed with excitement as the magical trio set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The kids’ eyes widened with wonder as they greeted Mikulas and his celestial companions. The children with smiles, sang with a timeless melody of Jingle Bells. After the song, Mikulas had a surprise for the children. Instead of the expected sugary delight, he gave each child a bag of  wholesome and colorful snacks with the helped of the angel and the friendly devil.


As Mikulas, the angel, and the friendly devil bid their magical farewell, the classroom was left aglow with the warmth of joy and the sweet memories of an extraordinary day. The kids had the chance to have their picture taken with Mikulás, the angel and the devil.  It was a reminder that magic can be found not just in fantastical tales but also in the simple moments of laughter, song, and healthy treats.



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