Applied Creativity Club

Thursdays 14:30-15:15 – Room 206


In 2023, a report by the World Economic Forum (WEC) listed CREATIVE THINKING & CURIOSITY among the TOP 10 SKILLS REQUIRED for the future.


At EISB, we are going to PIONEER the 1st APPLIED CREATIVITY CLUB based on:

VISUAL, PLAYFUL & HANDS-ON learning approach.

Students will unleash and develop their curiosity and creative thinking by observing and questioning the status quo, by solving design challenges, by playing with art and innovation techniques and by applying them to a real-world problems.


APPLIED CREATIVITY CLUB is a series of fun, practical creative challenges designed for kids. Every class is designed around 1 topic & 1 activity.


The club is offered to students from Year 4 until high school and it will be run by Mr. Roman in cooperation with Ms. Petronela Zainuddin founder of GOOD MORNING CREATIVITY. This Paris based studio designs creativity learning spaces, tools and programs for businesses, schools and universities.

Example of Club Activities:

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