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Yutong Ding’s Summer Experiences in CAS!

Volunteering in the Senior House 

Volunteering from an organization was always my goals from all the time because it could improve my skills from different aspects. Therefore, I joined the official volunteering organization in Beijing; China to help in a senior house for 4 weeks. During the time volunteering, I learned more things than I expected, such as ethics of choices and continuously to recognize many global issues etc,. 

In the senior house, we mainly helped the seniors to trim their hair and talk with them once per week, there were approximately 70 seniors. We usually spend 3-5 hours in there to accompany the seniors, as well as knowing other volunteers. It was a very unique and great experience because I have not imagined what would it be like to be an official volunteer in a senior house, specifically recognizing the significance of volunteering while helping the seniors. 

Cultural Study and Observation 

As an international student, it is important for me to also have enough knowledge about my own culture. This summer we traveled back to China and gave me an opportunity study about my culture and history. I visited the national art museum of China, many ancient temples, ancient royal palaces, and caves with ancient cultural artifacts. I personally think this CAS experience was the most meaningful and significant for me because I was always highly interested in different cultures. However, I did not have a chance to study and observe cultural ruins from my own country, and this summer gave me the opportunity to learn about it, which I appreciate a lot. Moreover, knowing more things about my country made me feel more confident introducing the background of China and gained my sense of belonging. 

Study of Environmental Science 

Nowadays, it is important to know about the significance of protecting nature and the environment, specifically due to the pollution to water and air. Over the summer, I experienced in the Chinese Environmental Science Research Institute which mainly focuses on the environmental protection in China. I have studied the significance of clean water and the disadvantages of non-electric vehicles because of the air pollution it will cause. Moreover, I have seen many experiment with algal and vegitative plants and its effect in water. It was a very meaningful CAS experience because it relates to the global issue of sanitation, life below water, and life on land. 

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