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Victoria Enriquez’s Summer CAS Experience


Scouts are a worldwide organization of young adults promoting character development, outdoor skills, leadership, and community involvement. Scouts participate in various activities such as camping, hiking, learning survival skills, earning merit badges, and engaging in community service projects. The World Scout Jamboree is a global celebration of Scouting where young people from different countries come together. During the Jamboree, they get to make new friends, learn about other cultures, and engage in various fun and educational activities. It’s a unique event that promotes unity, understanding, and cooperation among Scouts worldwide.

This summer I had the opportunity to go to the WSJ hosted in Korea. It was a completely new experience which I am really happy to have been a part of. It made me grow as a person, I met people from all around the world who shared interest with me. I traded badges, I traded scarfs and I showed to all of them how my culture works. I also learned more about Korean culture, their food, their religion, and how they work as a society. 

I traveled with the Slovak Contingent and; even though, there was a bit of a limitation due to the language barriers, I was able to learn from them and we managed to be a team, which helped us to get over the various problems we had during the Jamboree, such as the Typhoon emergency, the extreme heat, the flooding and some others, which we were able to solve thanks to our teamwork and perseverance.

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