Tardova’s Team Challenge

Tamara Tardova (Year 9) is an all around top athlete, who focuses her abilities with BK Slovan Basketball team.   Despite the pandemic, the team started training last August and dominated in their first tournament.  As COVID numbers across the country started rising, they were closed off from gyms and left to online training, outdoor running etc.

After getting a chance to train indoors in the spring, the team was allowed to join a few tournaments, and was able to re-establish some of the level they had achieved in the fall.  

“This season was hard for everyone who plays team sports since we didn’t meat up for more than half a season,” claimed Tardova. “…the feeling when the whole team is cheering each other on, you loose that in online trainings, it’s hard to be consistent.” It’s hard to translate individual ability into team success even without COVID. Thus the Challenge.

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