What’s Student Life Like in the U.S.?

I’d usually invite students to “find out for themselves”… So, we did! From the 12th-19th of March, A group of 10 students and a couple of us, staff members, visited NYC and Maine. Part of our Travel/Theme Week, we decided to visit part of the USA to look at life there as a student, both in college and high school.

In NYC, we visited Pace University, with the help of representatives from Kaplan International Pathways. Additionally, we did get to see some of the sites in NYC and enjoy their diverse cuisine.

Furthermore, we spent several days in Maine, staying at the dorms of our partner school, Foxcroft Academy. The students spent a day shadowing others that already attend school, practiced ice skating, and even got to visit an old-school cinema. Trips to other college campuses in the Bangor area were organised: Colby College, Husson University, and the University of Maine.

Personally, I believe the students were able to get a much clearer view and perspective of what education is like in the US. They learned about application processes, financial aid, life at campus, and life out of campus! After reading their journals, I’m sure they had an extraordinary experience.

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