Playful Head

The human “HEAD” is an amazing thing. We do not realize what everything is inside and how different we are. Have you ever thought about how we get ideas and where they come from? Why some people are more talented than others, how heavy is a grown-up person’s brain, and what are wrinkles? Well, we wanted to find out. During Environmental Club we went on a trip to Bibiana Interactive Museum to see our second inspiring exhibition to find out. The Exhibition was amazing! It was based on a book written by two Czech authors.

The idea about heads was brought to our club much earlier. We liked that idea. Every child expressed his/her own feeling about what the word “head” means to them, what they like to think about, and how their thoughts represent them in their paintings. They all made beautiful paintings and every piece was original. We decided to bring these paintings to Bibiana and dedicate them to this exhibition. Representatives of the museum came to us and every child presented his/her painting to them. They were amazing and I was the proudest teacher:).

Ms. Eva Gogova

more photos here:


Sofi Y4- Rainbow Panda- Pandas bring peace to people. Rainbow and its colors bring nice feelings, a good mood.
Pola- There is a lot going on in the world. There is peace, there is war. You can always decide where you want to be.
Anna-This is me. The left side-this is me and how I look from the outside. The right side is what I think and what I like. It’s me.
Olivia- Everybody is different, just like these sunflowers. No one is perfect, but we all should have the same rights.
Dana- I like nature. I like to walk there. I like to see the birds the most. I feel good in nature.
Leo- My head is an Earth. There are lots of people living there. There is nature, mountains and even cities. If you feel sad, you can always go out and choose where you want to go so you feel better. That red tongue, there live sad people, but even they can choose a better place.

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