Grading in MYP English Language & Literature

There are four equally-weighted assessment criteria for each subject in the IB MYP. Because it is not always clear to students and parents what these criteria entail, I have included information here explaining what exactly is being assessed in MYP English Language & Literature (ELL).

The four assessment criteria in ELL (sometimes also referred to as objectives) are as follows:

According to the IB Subject Guide:

“Language learning is an iterative process and develops through inquiry in increasingly wider contexts and deeper reading. As students progress through their MYP language and literature studies, they are expected to engage with and explore an increasing range and sophistication of literary and informational texts and works of literature extending across genres, cultures and historical periods. These texts will also provide models for students to develop the competencies to communicate appropriately and effectively in an increasing range of social, cultural and academic contexts, and for an increasing variety of audiences and purposes.

Throughout the programme, students should engage with the curriculum and demonstrate their understanding at increasing levels of sophistication.”

This means that the criteria become increasingly demanding for students as they pass through the MYP, as seen in the following tables:

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