Charity Christmas Bazar

I’d like to give a HUGE “Thank you,” to everyone for their efforts in today’s Charity Christmas Bazaar.   The first for EISB and in many ways, quite successful.

  • The best decorated stand of the schools.
  • Most productive of all school stands and one of the top non-food fundraisers on the day.
  • It was also by far the most energized effort by students from any other group. They were everywhere.
  • EISB raised over 1800 euro for charities, and that is AFTER costs.

Special thanks to:

  • Marathon Ladies: Andrea Tardova, Nataliya Regualos, Rucine Thorn. Busy from set-up to take-down. 10+ hours. A non-stop effort (you too, Rob! )
  • Lenka and Rhett Reiling – Traveling all the way to England in support of the effort (and selling all day).
  • Rob Thorn and Kenneth McDonald – Probably the most recognised educators among the international community after their efforts today.
  • Secondary students – busy, omni-present, willing and productive.
    • Lola  –  raising over 80 euros with her face painting
    • The rest over 70 Euros
    • Somehow sold EISB Newspapers to non-EISB people!
    • One student so willing that he walked around selling HUGS for charity!
  • Matus (Year 5) –  Honing his future in sales, ran around convincing people to buy soap at the end of the day, raising just shy of 30 euros by himself.
  • And of course all the teachers who gave up their Sunday to helped out.

Congratulations also to the Lopez family who were awarded the IWCB Charity bazaar scholarship for the highest donation on the day. An incredible and very welcome addition to the EISB family.

Overall a very nice day.  In fact, there were a lot of people who not only noticed, but commented on being impressed by the efforts of the EISB team.  Some have arranged meetings over the next weeks to join us.  I couldn’t be prouder to be part of such a community. (photos of the day on Facebook)

Up Next:

There’s a time to work together, and a time to play.  Therefore, mark your calendars for:
Tuesday, 18 December, our Family Christmas Program at Istropolis.

If you’d like to participate in planning this family event, please join us on Tuesday 4, December @16.00 in the canteen.

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