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Tamara Tardova’s journey through SaA as an MYP5 student

I have been doing Service as Action for the past five years, so my entire MYP journey. I have luckily never had a problem with having enough service and action points because I really enjoy all the activities I participate in.

For action I mainly do basketball. Even though I play basketball at a competitive level, through action I need to set myself goals that I want to achieve either physically or mentally. This challenges me more and gives me a goal to strive for every semester.

For service I have been a part of the student council for the past 5 years and have done a lot of different volunteer activities. I love that I have extra motivation to find and organize events to support charities and those in need. One of the activities I look forward to every year is working with the IWC. Each time I get more and more inspired to help out especially since it’s around the holidays. This year we are hoping to help raise money for the Christmas Charity Tree campaign cooperating with the IWC once again. I have gained so much new knowledge by helping with events like these and challenging myself through Service as Action. Even though it’s difficult and it requires a lot of effort it always pays off and I definitely greatly benefit from it every year.

Next year I am going to be starting my CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) journey so I’m looking forward to see how I can challenge myself furthermore and what new opportunities and goals I will face. 

Here are some photos of some of the activities I have done so far in EISB:

You might have seen those bookmarks and this poster during our book sale in Spring 2022. I designed the book marks, printed and laminated them to be sold for charity.

As mentioned before, I play basketball at a competitive level.

This photo was from when we made the clothing donation in 2021. I was the Student Council representative.

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