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From Microscopes to Storybooks

My name is Chariss Biensky. My story begins in a tropical haven, the Philippines – a nation blessed with 7,107 islands. Each tales of vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes and a warmth that resonates in the hears of its people. The journey into adulthood beckoned me towards the world of medical technology. Laboratories and scientific endeavors became my playground, where I explored the intricacies of the human body, armed with microscopes and a thirst for knowledge. Join me on this journey, where the path led me from being a laboratory scientist to the joyful realms of being an assistant teacher and, eventually, a preschool teacher.

An unexpected turn as I felt the call to step in the world of education. A journey that would see me trading microscopes for storybooks. The decision to become an assistant teacher was fueled by a desire to nurture young minds outside the realm of healthcare.  The transition to a preschool teacher was a natural evolution. The colorful world of preschool education became a canvas for creativity, exploration, and the joy of witnessing the magical moments when young minds connect with the wonders of learning.

As I embark on this exciting journey of sharing my experiences, I feel a sense of joy and gratitude for the incredible opportunity that life has bestowed upon me. My journey in the world of education began with humble aspirations as an assistant teacher. As an assistant, I soaked in every moment, eager to learn from the educators around me and absorb the dynamic energy of the preschool environment.

My role involved observing ,assisting and embracing the daily joys and challenges that come with nurturing young minds. With each passing day, my passion for early childhood education grew, and I found myself to take a more active role in shaping the learning experiences of the children. I discovered my strengths, recognizing the unique joy that comes from guiding the growth of young learners.

The transition from assistant to preschool teacher was a defining role that allowed me to lead, inspire and to contribute to the academic and emotional development of the children. The trust placed in me to take on this role was met in the gratitude, as I embraced the responsibility.

As a teacher, I endeavored to create a positive and nurturing environment. Teaching preschool comes with unique set of joys, and I have found immense fulfillment in the everyday moments that shape learning experience. Each day, I reflect on the privilege of being part of a child’s educational journey, appreciating the trust parents place in me to be a positive in fluence in their children’s lives.

As I reflect on my journey from laboratory scientist to assistant teacher to preschool teacher, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences and the growth that has unfolded. This chapter is not just about career progression but about the joy of contributing to the foundational years of these young learners. I am profoundly thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the young minds. I look forward to the adventures that lies ahead and inspire the young students to their bright future. Thank you for joining me on this journey of growth, and here’s to the boundless possibilities that each day in the preschool classroom brings.

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