Design Cycle

In our Product and Digital Design subject we follow the Design Cycle to work on our projects. This cycle allows us to research, investigate, analyse, sketch, develop ideas, create a plan, create a solution to any challenges, test our products, evaluate our work, get and give feedback.

To further know about how the grading system works with the Design Cycle, here is a simple list:

A- Inquiring and analysing. 

For this criterion the student will be:

  • analysing the problem at hand 
  • explaining and justifying a need for a solution for it
  • developing a research
  • analysing any existing products similar to the task in hand 
  • Prioritising the research and making into Primary and Secondary research
  • Developing a plan for the project

B- Developing ideas.

For this criterion the student will be:

  • Developing a sketch/s for the product 
  • Developing specification for the materials, limitation, and way of making the product
  • Present the final sketch in a drawing

C- Creating a solution.

For this criterion the student will be:

  • Follow the plan made
  • Justify any changes made
  • Demonstrate great self and time management skills
  • Demonstrate great technical skills

D- Evaluating.

For this criterion the student will be:

  • Explain/reflect how the product was tested 
  • Explain/reflect how the product is successful according to the criteria 
  • Explain/reflect the impact of the product on the audience 
  • Explain/reflect how can the product be improved 

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