To flourishing

In these recent, novel times where I have often faced myself in front of a mirror and asked myself some difficult questions, one of the most difficult was how to translate this new, and at times seemingly dire period into a positive outlook by our nearest and dearest: our children. In times of crisis, I find it is necessary to examine the situation directly, accept the effects and create situations where these effects, if negative, are consciously fought, head on, knowingly. That is why I was pleased to read an article written by a former colleague: advocating for exactly the same time of intervention and work in schools, in order for this to translate into a flourishing mind and body, into a flourishing life. This is done by providing the students with:

I am convinced that the work that we as teachers do at EISB is not only relevant for students in finding a good university or job opportunities, but in giving them a chance to know what it feels like to flourish and in knowing what it feels like, they may, as adults, create conscious opportunities to find this feeling again and again and pass it on to others. 

Embedded articles by Andrew Sherman and Martin E.P. Seligman

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