The Pirate Week in The Cayman Islands

The Environmental children traveled to The Cayman Islands for two weeks:). We wanted to feel and enjoy the real atmosphere of the Pirate Week there. It is an annual celebration. People there dress in pirate costumes, walk down the streets, and meet in the town harbor. A part of the Pirate Week is a Cardboard Regatta. People make their own cardboard boats and participate in the race. The winner is the team which sails the boat all the way to the finish line without sinking it. Another part of this special week is singing, dancing, good food, and the week ends with amazing fireworks!

We spent two weeks enjoying this theme. The Environmental Club children made a gigantic cardboard pirate ship and also swords with diamonds. They transformed themselves into the real life size paper pirates. I guess the best part of these weeks was the treasure hunt. The kids were super excited! However, it was not that easy. They had to follow 10 questions with the information from the video and the power point presentation they had watched before. The questions led them from one room to another, and to the last room where the treasure was hidden. There was a lots of happiness in the moment of discovery.

At the very end we pretended real fireworks by jumping on a large-size bubble foil. The children really enjoyed it!

Hope you will enjoy it too:).

Ms. Eva Gogova

Please, enjoy the entire Pirate folder

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