Ancient Greek Theatre

At some point, the study of Drama has to include spending a little time in Ancient Greece, where it all began.  MYP 3 students have recently started a unit in which they will explore the traditions and techniques used by Greek actors over 2,000 years ago.

Their first task was to do some general research and then try to present it using some basic rules of Greek choruses:

  • Enter the stage from either side in two equal groups.
  • Face the audience and speak directly to them.
  • Do certain movements or gestures together.
  • Use various speaking techniques to deliver your information.

How did they do?  See for yourself: this was the best effort.  This group was at a disadvantage because three people were missing, but they powered through.

In coming weeks, they will work on more elaborate performances, eventually ending with the performance of a Greek myth including the use of masks.

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