Online Mimes

Drama is by nature a collaborative subject.  Even in a one-person show, there are technicians, directors, and other backstage colleagues.  So, what do you do when your Drama class goes online and you find yourself alone in your living room, trying to create a group mime over Zoom?

That was the struggle facing Year 7 recently. They are already in an unusual situation because there are only three of them.  There is no “choose a partner” or “I’m putting you in groups of four” in this class.  They only have each other, so their group is predetermined.  And then in the midst of rehearsing for their first proper performance assessment, we went back online.

We talked about waiting it out to see if we might be face-to-face again in January, but they agreed they would rather just power through and get it done.  The best advice I could give them was to remember that they were miming, so now all they had to do was mime everything and everyone.

How did they do?  See for yourself.  Bonus points if you can work out where they are or what they’re doing.

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