The culture week of Hungary (17.-21.05.)

Szia! (=hello)

This week EISB enjoyed the exciting culture of Hungary in various ways!

First of all, the reception was beautifully decorated by a Hungarian family together with school staff. There was a blue board with displaying beautiful pictures from different places around Hungary, pictures of famous and important Hungarian people, books representing Hungarian literature etc.

The competition of the week was to submit of photo of yourself in Hungary. We were happy to see so many various photos of our students who have already had the chance to visit Hungary in the past. Especially due to the travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I would like to give special recognition and thanks to Year 3 class teacher and the Year 3 students for finding a brilliant way how everyone could “travel to Hungary” in these current circumstances. They looked up online for famous Hungarian tourist attractions and attached a photo of each student in front of the place that they would like to visit. Hopefully, they will also get the chance to actually do so in the future. However, I am happy that they spent some time to get to know Hungary better because that is the very main purpose of these cultural weeks!

Friday was probably the most exciting day due to the amount of Hungarian activities! In the Primary assembly, students from the Primary elective of culture weeks presented their slideshow of Hungarian animals and a general presentation about Hungary, made by an Academy student, was also shown. Our Hungarian student, Viktor, recited two poems for the Primary students and kindly allowed also some of them to participate in reciting poems in Hungarian. This activity was recorded and once it will be edited, the video will be published so please stay tuned! Last but not least, due to safety reasons, only Upper Primary students had the chance to experience Hungarian archery outside during their snack time.

In order to keep you celebrating the culture of the week a little bit longer, please test your knowledge about Hungary in a Kahoot quiz made by one of the EISB’s students:

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