Silk painting

Ms. Beata Balog is full of surprises. When she managed to put tears in my eyes with a beatifully hand-painted silk scarf which I received under the Christmas tree, I immediately knew what the students would be doing for Mother’s Day. Her patience, step-by-step and easy to understand directions, together with a great talent for the arts has proven to be a great inspiration for students throughout the year. This project was going to be a success from the get go.

My silk scarf Christmas present from Miss Beata.

The process began with an explanation of symmetry. Different methods were tried and tested and even the young artists were impressed with their own results.

Miss Beata explains symmetry. Symmetry is a difficult lesson to understand in Year 3 math, but this cross curricular activity helped the students a lot.
Veronica and Janko practice symmetry using a tracing technique.
Janko admires his friends work.
Symmetry art display.

Because Mother’s Day presents are so personal, each child designed a picture that made them think of their mom. They then amplified this drawing, and after a lesson about ‘outlining’, they outlined their amplified version so that it would be visible under the silk.

Branko amplifies his drawing..
Miss Beata explains the process of amplification to Veronica.
Olivia uses a compass to help her draw precise circles.
Janko outlines his drawing.
Greta uses phantom markers to trace her drawing on silk.
Olivia traces her drawing on silk.

Students then used special textile phantom markers to draw their design on the silk. On top of that they used contour liners in order to keep different color paints from seeping into another block.

Arnika uses silk liners for her outline.
Veronica is ready to start painting.

Only then could the painting begin. Silk paints are fun to work with. You can get a wavy effect using drops of water or even salt.

Amir begins painting.
Sofia tries the dropping technique.
Branko adds some final touches.
Veronica admires her colorful painting.
Janko’s finished scarf.
This picture does not need a caption, does it? It speaks for itself. 🙂

Once the scarves were finished, it was time to write a card and pack them nicely.

The boys write cards for their mothers.
Olivia wraps her gift.
And so does Arnika.

The result were some very happy and beautiful moms!

Thank you!

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