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UPDATED: 1,2,3…sold!


Today we enjoyed the Online Auction, what was something completly new to us! Unfortunatelly parents confirmed only for few students the financial limit. Kids who participated had a new expirience and learnt how really auction works, which was moderated by Viktor I. from MYP 1. Check some nice moments from the auction.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Today were auctioned only 7 items, so if you will have interest, we can continue when students will come back to the School. We rehearsed it, next time it will be even better!

Thank you for each participant, seller, every intrested person who worked for creating today’s online auction. We will contact everyone personally to inform about delivery things. Also big thanks to EISB School for letting the kids during the first lesson today to enjoy our auction.

This time we decided to not ask for a registration fee.

Your EISB PA Board.

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