Students teach students

One of our aims in mathematics is  to communicate our knowledge clearly and confidently. Building the communication skills is of great important in our ever changing and developing world. Understanding and using mathematical notation, using a variety of media to communicate with a range of audiences are just some ways to enhance the communication skills.

Also, collaboration skills are the key to success. We share our knowledge and help others to understand, learn and succeed. We listen actively to others’ ways of explaining concepts and methods. 

So, how can students teach other students though their own way of expressing their knowledge?

Here it is. Two MYP1 students, Oliver and Miro, teach us how to conduct multiplication and subtraction with decimal numbers. They integrated technology with math and created two videos that explain the procedures.

Oliver (MYP1) teaches decimal number multiplication

Oliver MYP1 presents : “Multiplying decimals”

Miro (MYP1) teaches decimal number subtraction

Miro MYP1 presents : “Subtracting decimals”

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